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How to keep healthy during divorce

I haven’t written in a while.  The reason being is that I was going through a divorce.  I’m not going to go into the personal reasons of the divorce however I would like to discuss how i stayed healthy during the divorce process and even after the divorce.  Much of staying healthy after the divorce is a mental game.  It wasn’t easy.  Right after the divorce I thought I was fine and thought, its all behind me.  I was wrong.   There was still issues with my ex wife and issues internally that I was dealing with that I didn’t expect.  It made staying healthy and making healthy choices harder.  I found myself wanting to drink more, eat more and in some cases just finding alone time.  Its a hard emotional time.  As much as you know that your marriage wasn’t working, you feel a loss of a family.  I also have two children so it also was a loss of a family unit.  I took it hard.  Some people when they are sad or depressed, they don’t eat.  While that may be good for some weight loss, you should see a doctor If you feel that you loose your appetite for a long period of time.

First of all I am happy to say that I didn’t gain any of the weight that I originally lost back in 2016 or early 2017 however the weight loss was minimal for most of 2017.  I am now down to 202 pounds.  You say, that’s it?  Hey, I never said I was perfect.  Just human.  Well at least I didn’t gain weight.  I am still loosing pounds, and I was doing it during one of the most stressful periods of my life.  It could of been worse I could have gained back all the weight I lost in 2016.

Here is one of the main things that I did that helped me keep the weight off.  I cut back on the drinking.  I didn’t quit completely but I don’t drink that much anymore.  I very quickly realized that it was very important that i do this.   During the marriage, I got into a habit of having a few beers every now and then after work to unwind.   It also served a purpose of taking the edge off of being in an unhappy marriage.  For me and I  think for many men, drinking is one of the main culprits of gaining weight.  If your drinking on an empty stomach, the alcohol turns right to fat also. Not only is the alcohol highly caloric, but after you drink, your appetite increases and you eat more.    Not only do you eat more after you drink, but your eating usually more at night which is worse than eating earlier.  That will be a topic for another post.

Also, after a divorce, if you are sad or depressed, alcohol is the last thing that you need.  It hard.  So much changes.  Your dealing with your new identity being single.  Especially if you were married for a long time.  A big part of your identity is being a spouse.  After the divorce, that all changes and you have to adjust.  Doing that on alcohol is harder.  Trust me.  Also, Your paternal instincts are challenged.  Although initially you may feel like the freedom is great, after a few weeks you start to miss the kids.  It can get sad and you don’t want to drink if you are sad. I believe that if you are going to have a drink only do it on happy occasions with other people.

Just allow yourself to grieve.   Go get some exercise.   Spend some time with good friends.  Get outdoors.  Keep Healthy,  mentally and physically.

Update for 2017 – Still loosing weight.

I realized that it has been a few months since I wrote and I am glad to say that I am still loosing weight.  Today I am 195 pounds.  Now you may think from September till today I am only down 2 pounds.  This may not seem like much and I have to admit I am disappointed.  However at least I didn’t gain any weight.  You have to keep in mind that your health is a long term commitment.  On the positive note I am down 12 pounds since last August.  I kept off all the weight I lost and lost 2 more pounds.  This should be the mindset.   Not bad however I need to pick the pace back up again.  In the last few months I did get my weight down to as low as 191 pounds but put on a few of those pounds back.  I have 31 pounds to go to reach my goal.

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