I actually just learned about this myself fairly recently and it works.  By Drinking Green Tea which contains EGCG you can speed up your metabolism and in turn make your body burn fat faster.  I was skeptical but when I tried it I found that it works.  I recommend using organic green tea if you can find it because of the pesticides on the tea.  If you can get loose green tea that is even better.  Studies found that the loose green tea has the most EGCG in it.  Also make sure you let the tea steep for 4 to 5 minutes to get the most EGCG from the tea.  Before you add the water to the bag ensure the water is boiling hot.  The hotter the water the more EGCG you get from the tea.  I have a cup made with two tea bags almost every night and the pounds seem to be coming off faster than when I wasn’t having the tea. I have it with nothing in it.  If you put sugar or honey in it, the calories from that would probably negate any of the benefits of the EGCG.   Also I find that by drinking the tea, it substitutes the time thinking about putting something else in my mouth or drinking beer.

Since yesterday I have lost another pound.  Now I am down to 200 pounds even for a total of 7 pounds lost.  The weight has been coming off pretty fast, but this is just the beginning.